Privileged Access Management and Vulnerability Management for McAfee

Gain complete visibility into security operations and threat with integrated privileged access management and vulnerability management solutions from BeyondTrust and McAfee.

McAfee and BeyondTrust: Working Together to Improve Security and Reduce Complexity

BeyondTrust is a proud member of the McAfee Security Innovation Alliance, an ecosystem of solution providers that complement the core functionality of the McAfee product portfolio. BeyondTrust privilege and vulnerability management solutions work with your McAfee security infrastructure to deliver comprehensive visibility and control over today’s data breach risks. Integrations between our solutions ensure seamless interoperability and data sharing, allowing you to reduce complexity and simplify your security operations.

Integrated McAfee + BeyondTrust Solutions

McAfee ePO + BeyondTrust Privileged Password Management

The integration between BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator gives customers a flexible and convenient way to manage privileged passwords and privileged sessions through their ePO Console.

McAfee ePO + BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management

The integration between BeyondTrust PowerBroker for Windows and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) enables you to protect endpoints and implement least privilege policy across your organization – all through the centralized ePO platform. What’s more, the integration delivers asset vulnerability data and user analytics to help you make informed least privilege decisions.

McAfee SIEM + BeyondTrust Privilege and Vulnerability Management

Joining BeyondTrust solutions with McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) expands your situational awareness and speeds your ability to detect and respond to threats. The integration enables McAfee ESM to leverage privileged user session data from BeyondTrust PowerBroker privilege management solutions, as well as asset vulnerability and configuration data from Retina CS.

McAfee DXL + BeyondTrust Threat Analytics

The integration between BeyondTrust’s BeyondInsight central console and McAfee Data Exchange Layer (DXL) enables you to gain a real-time view and orchestration of potential threats by forwarding critical events from BeyondInsight to DXL.

Discover & Manage Privileges

Discover & Manage Privileges

Discover which users have administrative rights, and effectively manage the credentials for, and rights of, applications and devices in ePO without over-privileging users.

Build & Enforce Rules

Build & Enforce Rules

Build and enforce least privilege and password management rules without leaving the ePO console.

Secure & Orchestrate Intelligence

Secure & Orchestrate Intelligence

Provide real-time correlation of exposed vulnerabilities and deliver increased visibility and enhance breach detection through Enterprise Security Manager and DXL.

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