Privileged Identity


Support of Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) in the Web Application:

The introduction of the new Web Application has resulted in the removal of the previously included RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) control, due in part, to a lack of compatibility between the new web application technology and the outdated RDP control. Privileged Identity included the native ability to launch an RDP session on behalf of the requesting user to the target system using a specified account. This functionality was provided via a Microsoft supplied, Active-X based RDP control, which Microsoft stopped supporting in 2006.

Given the suspension of support from Microsoft, the lack of a proper security posture for the Active-X control, and the lack of compatibility with the new web application technology BeyondTrust has chosen to remove it. Customers who leveraged the free control should consider a more robust and secure control with additional capabilities such as BeyondTrust’s Privileged Remote Access (PRA) and/or Remote Support (RS) solutions.

MFA Support:

Certain MFA functions previously used by agents from the MFA provider are no longer supported. Customers will need to reconfigure MFA with new web application.

New Features and Enhancements:

Other Enhancements:

Issues Resolved: