Last night we launched a completely redesigned version of the Bomgar website. The redesign makes a number of things more prominent than before. Here are just a few of them:

1. Customers

We have a number of new video case studies in the customers section of the site. Watch as real Bomgar customers tell how Bomgar helped them overcome some of the challenges to remote support in their environments. A number of the featured customers were able to replace multiple legacy remote control solutions or eliminate the security risks of using hosted remote support solutions.

2. Solutions by Use

Bomgar’s includes such a broad amount of functionality in the core product that multiple support groups in your organization can use it. We’ve highlighted a number of those more popular multi-use cases under Solutions. Did you know you can use Bomgar to support customers; service your IT Infrastructure; access remote Kiosk & POS systems securely; support Linux, Macs and smartphones; offer integrated support from your service desk; train up to 15 people at a time; and manage vendor access into your network?

3. Updated Products Section

We’ve made an attempt to highlight some of the advanced remote desktop control features Bomgar offers. You’ll also find a complete list of features if you’re the type that likes to dig deeper into the details. You’ll also notice a new link to What’s New, where you can see current and past release information.

4. Get Product Information in Your Inbox

Finally, there’s an easy way to get product information, press releases and blog posts in your inbox whenever we post something new. We release between 2-4 major product releases annually, and include quite a few minor releases between them. All you have to do is enter your email and confirm you want to receive product updates, as the video below explains. If you’d prefer to use your email client or rss client, there are links to the feeds on the side of this blog.

We’re excited about starting a new year with a new website!