Bomgar 10.6.3 is a full maintenance release that includes all of the recently released features & fixes from 10.5.5, as well as the list of resolved issues below.

As always, if you are currently running an earlier version of Bomgar, such as 10.4.x or 10.5.x, be sure to contact our Support team today to discuss any prerequisites that you may need to meet prior to upgrading.

If you are not yet on Bomgar 10.6 and if you do not need translations, check out all of the new features of Bomgar 10.6 today!

Requirements for 10.6.3:

Issues Resolved:

Known Issues:

[UPDATED 2-May-2011]

There is a known issue with generating a session key from the Rep Console where the seven-digit key may not show up (affects standard licenses only). The issue occurs when generating a session key from the “Support -> Generate Session Key” menu option or when clicking the “Session Key Quick Start” button. Reps can still generate session keys by using the generic “Quick Start” button.