- This release is available by download from the BeyondTrust Client Portal ( and using the BeyondTrust Auto-Updater.

- The MD5 signature is: 337f8fcb7ef0f00e456e9cccee200fa1

- The SHA-1 signature is: 4992f2ecda5e11686a8b2bc6cf95881f8ff21e7c

New Features and Enhancements:

- Support for rpm-based software package checking in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

Issues resolved:

- Resolved an issue where Microsoft SQL Server database instances failed to display in the management console.

- Resolved an issue where scans created using the PowerShell interface failed to discover certain targets.

- Resolved an issue with false negatives in audit 69453 ("Account password reverse of account - Linux").

- Resolved an issue where group enumeration failed when using getent.

- Resolved an issue with the custom audits scan results displaying incorrectly if the corresponding category was invalid.

- Debugged log errors related to audits of type CHECK_FILE_VER_MULTI.

Known Issues: