Policy & Action Response


IT Risk Management Policy & Action Response

Be alerted to in-progress attacks and automatically mitigate threats in real time.

Watch: PowerBroker Privileged Access Management in 2 Minutes

Be Alerted to Active Security Threats

PowerBroker helps you rapidly respond to security incidents with BeyondInsight Policy & Action Response. This starts with real-time alerting capabilities that notify you at the first sign of an advanced persistent threat or other attack. Custom email, SNMP and Syslog alerts can be triggered by key indicators of risky user, account and asset behavior, including:

  • First-time application launches and access requests
  • Suspicious after-hours access behaviors
  • Launches of processes, services and applications associated with malware
  • Unique, previously unknown vulnerabilities

By correlating malware evidence with information about suspicious user and asset behavior, BeyondTrust enables you to quickly flag advanced persistent threats and other hidden risks that may have otherwise been lost in the security data “noise.”