Active Directory, Entra ID, Okta, PingOne, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and your SaaS applications are all part of ONE identity attack surface. With the BeyondTrust platform, you can protect it that way.

BeyondTrust's identity threat detection and response (ITDR) approach delivers unified, identity defense-in-depth. Benefit from expansive, cross-domain visibility and AI-powered detections covering the entire identity estate – on-premises, cloud, and SaaS. Discover hidden identity-driven threats and indirect paths to privilege, gain actionable recommendations to continuously improve security posture, and neutralize attacks with integrated BeyondTrust PAM controls.

Gain continuous, cross-domain visibility into identities, accounts, privileges, and entitlements across your identity fabric. Leverage AI and rich integrations to connect the dots other solutions miss.
Leverage expansive identity data, security intelligence, and AI to surface and prioritize risks, in context. Apply easy-to-understand guidance to address identity vulnerabilities and implement proper PAM controls.
BeyondTrust gained recognition for detecting and alerting on the Okta Support breach, weeks before Okta acknowledged the attack. Our ITDR capabilities led to rapid detection and neutralization of the threat.
Cut right to what matters with unified threat-aware context. Leverage SIEM integrations and webhooks for a fast, streamlined response.

Discover why BeyondTrust has been named a leader in KuppingerCole's 2024 Leadership Compass for Identity Threat Detection and Response (ITDR).

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"BeyondTrust’s approach to ITDR is uniquely platform agnostic."

KuppingerCole, Leadership Compass for Identity Threat Detection & Response (ITDR)

Our Identity Security Insights product aggregates identity data from your environment and BeyondTrust PAM solutions, and layers on AI-based detection capabilities, giving you the best picture of identities and related risks, in context. See your identity attack surface through the lens of an attacker.

Clearly view all accounts, privileges and paths to privilege, and access levels associated with each identity. Highlight the identity vulnerabilities you need to know about along with the context of why it matters, and how to act.

Explore how to surface the risks you want to know about across your identity fabric.

BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management solutions are uniquely positioned to help your organization proactively prevent critical identity threats. Tightly control privileged access, enforce least privilege and just-in-time access, secure remote access pathways, and vastly reduce your identity attack surface, to prevent most identity threats outright.

Leverage Identity Security Insights for continuous auto-detection of risky identity and account configurations, paired with clear recommendations to continually harden your identity security posture as your environment, and the threat landscape, changes.

Examples of identity posture detections include:

  • Accounts with personal email addresses
  • Accounts vulnerable to Kerberoasting
  • Non-privileged accounts with attack paths to Domain Admin for on-premises AD
  • Non-privileged accounts that can retrieve password hashes from AD Domain Controller via a DCSync attack
  • Orphaned accounts
  • Privileged accounts that lack MFA
  • Unmanaged privileged accounts
  • Weak, stale, or default passwords
Get the detections you want to know about, paired with easy-to-understand guidance, in context.

Then, using BeyondTrust PAM solutions and third-party products, you can seamlessly address the findings. For example:

  • Password Safe onboards and manages privileged identities, accounts, and credentials (passwords, keys, DevOps secrets, etc.), protecting privileged identities from password reuse attacks, account hijacking threats, and more.
  • Privileged Remote Access provides zero trust access for employees and vendors, protecting pathways to the cloud, critical infrastructure, OT environments, etc.
  • Endpoint Privilege Management enforces least privilege across users and endpoints, and, working with Identity Security Insights, ensures privilege is continuously right-sized, even across the most dynamic environments.

The BeyondTrust platform not only dramatically reduces your attack surface, it also detects and efficiently reacts to anomalies and threats. Identity Security Insights continuously monitors your identity infrastructure, and alerts to the in-progress attacks and suspicious activities that you want to know about.

Examples of threat and attack detections include:

  • Dormant accounts that suddenly try to leverage privileged access
  • Excessive secret safe read events, API Registration read events, & managed account password read events
  • Malicious IP sign-In
  • MFA fatigue attacks
  • Password sprays

Benefit from easy-to-understand guidance on how to address the detections, including by leveraging BeyondTrust PAM integrations to pause, terminate, or review sessions, reduce or revoke privileged access, eliminate standing privileges, rotate credentials, or provide other protective actions.

Surface identities and infrastructure under attack, paired with clear guidance that puts the threat in context, and offers potential remediation actions.

BeyondTrust, powered by Identity Security Insights, equips your response team with detailed, context-aware insights into every incident as it occurs.

Leverage native integrations between BeyondTrust's Identity Security Insights and PAM solutions to quickly make policy adjustments, further analyze or audit privileged accounts and identities, and shrink your attack surface in real-time, protecting against malware, ransomware, and identity-based attacks.

Integrations with SIEM and other third-party toolsets also ensure the right information is appropriately shared, understood, and properly acted upon.

Discover how Insights and Password Safe work together to amplify visibility and protection.

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