Research Study: Federal Cybersecurity Threat Survey Report 2017

BeyondTrust survey links breaches to aging federal infrastructure.
Inability to effectively manage privileges is a critical threat.

Study Reveals Aging Federal Infrastructure Creates High Risk for Breach

Based on a comprehensive survey of senior Federal IT professionals, the Federal Cybersecurity Threat Survey exposes an aging federal computing infrastructure, which has led to an environment with an alarmingly high risk of breaches.

An overwhelming 81% of Federal IT managers say aging IT infrastructures have large impact on their cybersecurity risk. Further, 61% say aging infrastructure is a roadblock to achieving federal cybersecurity mandate compliance.

BeyondTrust recommends 4 key strategies to mitigate risk in legacy systems:

  • Manage privileged credentials with greater discipline, eliminate administrator rights and enforce least privilege
  • Isolate legacy systems to reduce attack surfaces
  • Improve the maturity of vulnerability management through automated patching
  • Unite threat intelligence from multiple sources to better prioritize risks across the environment


Combating Privilege Risk

Survey participants report that specific to cyber risk, the top impacts of an aging infrastructure are difficulty with patching, enterprise password management and privileged access management. Consider the strategies outlined in the resources below to combat risk in your legacy environment while on the path to Federal IT modernization.