Asset Discovery and Account Management

Privileged Access Management Platform

IT Risk Management Asset & Account Discovery

Automatically discover and manage all privileged accounts and assets in your organization.

Watch: PowerBroker Privileged Access Management in 2 Minutes

Discover and Manage Privileged Assets

Discovering admin, root and other privileges in your organization is easy with PowerBroker Privileged Access Management. The platform uses powerful BeyondInsight capabilities to reliably discover and onboard all privileged accounts and assets, delivering unmatched visibility and control over your IT environment.

  • Discover and profile all known and unknown assets (web, mobile, cloud, virtual), privileged user accounts, shared accounts, and service accounts
  • Automatically bring systems and accounts under management
  • Create Smart Groups to automatically categorize, group, assess, and report on assets by IP range, naming convention, OS, domain, applications, business function, Active Directory, and more