Protection from Today's Ransomware Threats

Defend your school or university against common ransomware attack angles—both on the client-side and the server-side.

BeyondTrust provides head-on protection designed to prevent today's most-common ransomware entrances—and stops potential infections from progressing further.

Demo: Darkside Ransomware vs. BeyondTrust

Protect All Devices at Once

BeyondTrust is recognized by analysts as the industry’s leading solution for privilege elevation, delegation, application control—across devices like Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, desktops, servers, IoT, and more. After all, ransomware attacks are indiscriminate.

See us in action combatting Darkside Ransomware.

How BeyondTrust Secures Your Organization

  • Prevents and mitigates ransomware, malware, phishing, and other attacks by removing administrative rights needed by ransomware to execute and enforcing least privilege for both IT and non-IT users.

  • Enables just-in-time access models, minimizing standing privileges and the window of time any privileges can be used or misused.

  • Applies privilege enforcement rules to applications like web browsers, office apps, and document readers to block the primary entry point for attackers and the execution of child processes.

  • Restricts the spread of ransomware payloads that do gain a foothold by eliminating lateral pathways and reducing the ability to elevate privileges in other applications.

Support Remote Education without Exposing Security

Centrally Manage All Remote Connections

Using separate tools for each device you support (Chrome Remote Desktop, Splashtop, RDP, etc.) compromises security and slows you down.

Stop Unauthorized Remote Connections

Because BeyondTrust supports all devices, you can eliminate non-approved connection methods. This can help prevent unwanted activities and reduce exposure to attack vectors.

Empower Non-Technical Users without Giving Them Admin Rights

With BeyondTrust Privilege Management, teachers and administrators can work from home without needing admin privileges on their device.

Ransomware is not magic—it can only run with the privileges of the user or the application that launches it. Therein lies its weakness, and our chance to leverage tools to contain it before it starts.

G. Mark Hardy, CISSP, CISA President, National Security Corporation

Protect Trusted Applications from Fileless Ransomware and Zero Day Threats

Bring Shadow IT Under Control by Securing and Controling Applications

While ransomware is commonly delivered via unauthorized programs, some strains leverage legitimate applications and macros, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe, and PowerShell. BeyondTrust stops ransomware and file-less (living of the land) attacks at the source by protecting rogue execution of these applications.

  • Exerts advanced application control that goes beyond allow lists and block lists to ensure only authorized applications and processes can execute or call other applications
  • Blocks malicious code at the source – email attachments, phishing links, compromised websites, and untrusted DLL loads from delivering ransomware payloads
  • Stops infected documents from leveraging script engines and exploitable utilities
  • Defends against fileless malware with Trusted Application Protection

Manage and Secure Privileged Credentials

Eliminate or Mitigate Password Cracking and Reuse, Pass-the-Hash, and other Credential-based Attack Vectors

Compromised credentials play a role in almost every IT security incident—ransomware is no exception. That’s why it’s critical to secure privileged credentials with an enterprise privileged password management solution.

  • Discovers, onboards, manages, rotates, and audits privileged accounts and credentials
  • Eliminates embedded and default credentials in scripts and applications used for automation and associated with machine identities
  • Consistently enforces strong password policy for humans and machines to protect your organization from password re-use attacks and other password exploits
  • Performs session management by recording interactive sessions for future playback, training, and identification of inappropriate activity
  • Enables just-in-time access to privileged accounts to eliminate standing privileges and always-on privileged accounts

Lock Down Remote Access and Eliminate Risky Use of RDP, VNC, and VPNs

Eliminate Backdoors and Unrestricted Access

BeyondTrust enables schools and universities to lock down remote access and extend privileged access management best practices beyond the perimeter to vendors, remote employees, and service desks.

  • Manages and audits vendor and internal remote privileged access, without the need for a dedicated VPN solution
  • Requires all connections to be brokered through a single access pathway to limit internet-exposed ports and reduce the attack surface.
  • Implements granular, role-based access to specific systems with defined session parameters, eliminating inappropriate privileged access
  • Automatically injects secure, managed credentials to initiate remote access sessions—without exposing the credential to the end user
  • Tightly controls, monitors, manages, and audits every remote session—with the ability to pinpoint and suspend or terminate suspicious sessions in real-time
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