Executive Summary

Controlling, monitoring and auditing privileged access is extremely important to mitigating the risks posed by insider threats, preventing data breaches, and meeting compliance requirements. But security and IT leaders have to walk a fine line between protecting their organization’s critical data to ensure business continuity, and enabling users and administrators to be productive. Dial up security? Frustration goes up. Dial down security, and you are the next headline.

What keeps security and IT leaders from closing the privilege gap between business protection and user enablement? First, security leaders and their IT counterparts often have to patch together multiple different point solutions that address only part of the problem, but this just leads to more cost and complexity. Next, better intelligence is needed to make better risk and compliance decisions. Reporting and analytics has to be delivered to many different stakeholders – from security to operations to compliance auditors. And finally, the last thing security and IT leaders need is another point tool. Wouldn’t you rather have contextual solutions delivered by a strategic partner with an understanding of your security environments?

BeyondTrust seeks to deliver just that. This white paper examines the PowerBroker difference – 6 key differentiators that separate BeyondTrust from other solution providers in the market – using data and real feedback from our 2015 customer survey conducted by TechValidate.

Differentiator #1: Flexible Deployment Options

How important is deployment flexibility to your organization? Not every organization can deploy a closed appliance-based environment for their privileged account management solution, especially in cases where IT security may be outsourced to a partner. Therefore, many organizations demand the flexibility to deploy PAM solutions as physical or virtual appliances, as software only, or a hybrid. What really matters, however, is that you deploy a PAM solution that covers your entire environment, not leaving any gaps.

In a survey of more than 100 customers, those customers indicated that BeyondTrust’s deployment flexibility was a competitive differentiator versus other options in the privileged account management market.

This differentiator was important to Know-How s.r.l, an Italian systems integrator looking to secure and automate the process of managing and cycling privileged passwords, eliminate sharing, remove local admin rights from users, and elevate privileges only when needed. They turned to BeyondTrust. In the words of Claudio Montanari, Chief Information Officer, “With BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker there is no other option available that provides such robust choices.”

The PowerBroker privileged account management products can be licensed separately, or unified under the free BeyondInsight IT Risk Management platform used for central policy management, event aggregation, session playback, analytics and reporting. Products are delivered as software, as hardened or virtual appliances, or a hybrid. All products are integrated with the BeyondInsight console providing maximum deployment flexibility.