Free Remote Access Tools Are Costing You

Free and basic remote access tools are everywhere, but they have very limited use cases that often don’t meet the needs of today’s highly networked and technology dependent companies. When these tools are being used for more complex support cases, or to support larger organizations, support may go awry. If your service desk is using them, you're paying for them... just not in the way you may think.

Want to get a better idea of what free tools may actually be costing your business? We’ve analyzed the details and costs associated with free and basic tools while thinking about how they impact security, flexibility, reliability, and your organization’s reputation. Download the True Cost of Free to better evaluate the cost of these free tools.

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Breaking Down the Costs

Price often becomes the deciding factor in any decision-making process. But the actual cost is often a lot more than you expected once you begin implementation. These additional costs beyond the product price may significantly impact your business.

Invest Smarter with BeyondTrust Remote Support

With BeyondTrust Remote Support, you not only get all the great collaboration and integration features you expect of a tool built for the modern service desk, your enterprise risk posture also benefits from having the most robust remote access security of any tool in its class. BeyondTrust Remote Support enables you to quickly access and fix nearly any remote device, running any platform, located anywhere in the world. Increase productivity, improve performance, and deliver a superior customer experience with BeyondTrust.

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