As Unix and Linux systems become more prevalent in organizations, the call to secure them grows more urgent. Sure, a security or compliance audit can be a valuable way to identify vulnerabilities in your critical Unix/Linux systems—but wouldn’t you prefer to reliably secure those systems before an audit? Getting on the right course today will not only have an immediate impact on security, but will also save you the time, cost, and distraction of having to scramble when an audit inevitably does arise. This guide will help you get there—read it to discover:

  • Gaps in security of Linux and Unix systems
  • Best practice security requirements for Unix / Linux
  • How to fill the gaps between the design of Unix / Linux systems and compliance requirements
  • An introduction of PowerBroker for Unix & Linux, the gold-standard solution for controlling and auditing privileged access, as well as for preventing insider and external threats across Unix and Linux environments

Apply the steps from this guide to improve the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and auditability of your Unix / Linux IT environment.