The privileged account management (PAM) market is mature, having been in existence for more than20 years. Today it is achieving annual growth rates of around 30%, as organizations recognize theneed to improve protection against external attacks and insider threats. Industry experts – CIOs, chiefinformation security officers (CISOs) and IT security managers – recognize that almost anyorganization can be penetrated, and as a result data breaches are practically inevitable. What theyshould also understand is that data losses and damage to the business can be reduced if privilegemanagement controls, such as those available from the BeyondTrust BeyondInsight and PowerBrokerPlatform, are deployed.

Key messages

  • BeyondTrust provides an integrated platform of IT risk management and PAM solutions.
  • It offers a single-platform approach to password management and access control, and formonitoring, auditing, and controlling privileged accounts.
  • User-selectable versions of PowerBroker are available for the main operating system (OS)environments: Windows, UNIX, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • BeyondTrust targets the complete PAM environment in order to deal with the protection ofuser and machine interactions.

Ovum view

Privileged account management (PAM) is a key component of enterprise security. Organizations thatdeploy PAM solutions improve their chances of maintaining control over the usage of core businessassets, over when access is allowed, and over how, and from where, access is granted. It controlsuser-to-machine interactions and machine-to-machine connectivity and secures the credentials usedto authenticate those exchanges.

The shortsighted view of PAM is that it is technology that is only relevant to managing the accessrights of powerful super users such as systems administrators, for protecting key passwords, and fordealing with compliance issues. While compliance remains an important driver, it should berecognized as only a part of the extended privilege management requirement, which includes userand device controls, central management services, and monitoring, audit, and reporting.

Recommendations for enterprises

Why consider the BeyondTrust PAM Platform?

Deploying the BeyondTrust PAM platform (BeyondInsight, PowerBroker Password Safe, PowerBrokerIdentity Services, the PowerBroker Management Suite, and PowerBroker for UNIX, Linux, Mac, andWindows) provides an integrated, one-stop approach to PAM. This unified approach is a keydifferentiator for BeyondTrust. It operates in a sector of the security and identity management marketthat remains the domain of specialists that focus on specific elements of user or device management