The Australian Signals Directorate (ASD) – previously known as the Defense Signals Directorate – has developed a list of strategies to mitigate targeted cyber intrusions. In 2017, the ASD published the four additional recommendations to add to the top-four, creating the Essential Eight. This guidance promotes the adoption of sound security and operational practices for managing technology used within Australian Government Agencies, including: asset discovery and risk assessment, vulnerability and configuration scanning, risk and patch prioritization and remediation, privileged account management, endpoint and data protection. Read this white paper for:

  • An overview of the ASD Essential Eight recommendations, as well as the 31 secondary mitigations
  • A table mapping BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker privileged access management (PAM) and Retina vulnerability management (VM) solutions to the ASD recommendations (BeyondTrust supports all five practice areas)
  • An overview of the BeyondTrust platform and solutions

Get the white paper now, and learn how BeyondTrust can help bolster your organization’s security and simplify the path to ASD compliance.