While Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop create a robust, customizable, remote workspace solution with moderate layers of security out-of-the-box—today’s IT environment demands a higher level of protection. This white paper discusses a synergistic approach to security and least privilege through a Citrix and BeyondTrust partnership that integrates industry-leading virtual desktop infrastructure with industry-leading privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management (VM) solutions. Learn:

  • The places where security in the virtual workspace and datacenter is often overlooked or inadequately enforced
  • How to boost security of your Citrix environment against data loss, application misuse, and malicious attacks
  • How to enforce automated privileged password management, least privilege on workstations, session recording, forensic logging, patch management, and file-integrity monitoring in Citrix environments
  • An overview of BeyondTrust PAM and VM solutions
  • When to deploy BeyondTrust solutions in your Citrix environment

Read the white paper now for insights into how you can augment the security of your Citrix environment and address gaps, by integrating BeyondTrust solutions.