Retina CS New Feature Highlights

PowerBroker Password Safe Integration

Automating the Use of Protected Privileged Credentials Authenticated vulnerability scanning is more accurate and provides greater insights than unauthenticated scans. However, authenticated scans require the use of privileged credentials, which can often be continuously and anonymously changed for their protection. Additionally, network security best practices suggest regular scans of systems, requiring automation. How can organizations both protect privileged credentials while making them automatically available for vulnerability scanning? Retina CS 5.8 together with PowerBroker Password Safe provides a secure and easy solution. Once activated, Retina CS can acquire privileged credentials from PowerBroker Password Safe on demand - just prior to executing a vulnerability assessment – eliminating the pain experienced in trying to manually maintain lists of service account credentials. For security reasons, PowerBroker Password Safe controls the length of time that Retina CS can use these privileged credentials and remains the single repository for managing them.

Clarity Dashboard in HTML 5

Greater Visibility into Advanced Threats BeyondInsight Clarity 5.8, available at no cost for Retina CS customers, contains a new interactive threat analytics dashboard and event viewer that quickly allows organizations to identify threats by asset, user and application. Events are prioritized by threat level and categorized for instant viewing by any of the attributes that represent a danger to the environment. This new user interface also marks the beginning of BeyondInsight’s journey toward a complete HTML 5 conversion and joins PowerBroker Password Safe and PowerBroker Management Suite with a next generation user interface that scales from mobile phones, to tablets and desktops. Clarity Dashboard Highlights
  • Quickly identify any event by risk and trigger used to drive the analytics engine
  • Group threats by BeyondTrust module, applications, or users to identify the highest risk events from vulnerability management to privileged account security
  • Instantly change the palette and color scheme of the interface to support illumination in any environment and maintain Section 508 compliance
  • Sort and filter events by any collected field to isolate outliers and frequent offenders by risk and activity
  • Analyze third party vulnerability data from Qualys, Rapid 7, Tenable, or McAfee using BeyondTrust’s patent pending analytics

McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) Integration

In October Intel Security announced the end of life (EOL) for McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM). This means that Intel will no longer provide vulnerability updates for its product, putting organizations at risk from new and emerging threats. All current MVM customers should select a new vulnerability management solution that provides both a seamless migration of their historical vulnerability data and the ability to see that data in a whole new light. With Retina CS 5.8, MVM customers can safely and easily export their existing vulnerability data directly to Retina CS. In addition, Retina CS gives current MVM users the ability to centralize all their scan data for prioritization, reporting and advanced threat analytics. Lastly, MVM customers will now have the exclusive opportunity to combine their asset and user intelligence to achieve a level of security visibility and control not possible until now. For details on how to migrate MVM data to Retina, start here.