New Feature Highlights – PowerBroker for Windows 7.4

User Behavior and Lateral Movement Tracking

News of data breaches, advanced persistent threats, and large-scale hacks remain a constant reminder that no organization is completely safe from cyber attacks. A common theme of recent attacks is lateral movement – where attackers gain access to a machine within an organization and attempt to move through the network, ultimately gaining access to sensitive data and/or critical systems. Combatting these attacks can be challenging. PowerBroker for Windows version 7.4 provides assistance in the detection and prevention of user behavior related to these activities. With PowerBroker for Windows version 7.4, IT admins can leverage rules to identify activities related to suspicious lateral movement. PowerBroker for Windows 7.4 allows administrators to create rules which can monitor common attack vectors targeted during lateral movement attacks.

Support for Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update (1709)

PowerBroker for Windows v7.4 now supports Microsoft Windows 10 Fall Creator’s Update. (Is there anything special about this? If not, let’s move this to the bottom of the doc.)

Enhanced Logging to Support Integration with PowerBroker Password Safe

PowerBroker for Windows, in unison with PowerBroker Password safe allows companies to securely launch an application as an alternate user in place of the default action of a PBW rule without exposing privileged credentials,. This integration also acts as a password change agent for Password Safe in the event that a network-based password cycle fails, most often a result of lack of connectivity. PowerBroker for Windows version 7.4 provides additional logging of these activities are done to provide a better audit and compliance trail. With PowerBroker for Windows version 7.4, events like the Password Safe Heartbeat now writes to PBWriteToFile log

Enhanced Compatibility with Third-Party Security Software

Security software is an ever-changing land scape, with new solutions reaching the market. In order to future-proof your security portfolio investment, PowerBroker for Windows is designed to complement your security portfolio— for what you have now, as well as plan for in the future. PowerBroker for Windows version 7.4 has further enhanced its third-party security software compatibility settings

Customer-requested Enhancements

In addition to the above new features, there are several customer-related fixes and enhancements available in PowerBroker for Windows version 7.4. For a full list or to download the latest version, please visit the customer portal.