New Feature Highlights – PowerBroker for Windows 7.2

Windows 10 Secure Boot Support

PowerBroker for Windows is designed to complement – and in many ways improve upon – the native security functionality of the Windows operating system. Secure Boot is a setting in the Windows OS that helps to ensure that only properly signed kernel-level drivers can be loaded and function. In previous releases, enabling the Secure Boot feature would disable the PowerBroker for Windows software. Now, with version 7.2, enterprises can enable Secure Boot on managed machines and therefore benefit from the least privilege enforcement available in PowerBroker for Windows.

Updated Application Vulnerability Mitigation

Tracking application vulnerabilities to determine what rights an application should run with, or even run at all, is a critical capability within PowerBroker for Windows. Detection methods for vulnerabilities continue to improve with version 7.2, with enhanced vulnerability checks from BeyondTrust Retina. This enables a more accurate view and control over software that could introduce risk into your organization.

Updated Event Grid in BeyondInsight

BeyondInsight can be used to audit the behavior of users and the PowerBroker for Windows software. To assist with this, the PowerBroker for Windows event grid in BeyondInsight now includes the rule name and policy name when tracking when a rule is applied. This can be seen in the ‘All’ events view, below. In addition, improvements have been made to automatic rule creation from BeyondInsight to ensure required privileges are included in the rule. These enhancements ensure consistency between auditing methods. (Please note: this enhancement requires BeyondInsight version 6.2.)

Customer-requested Enhancements

In addition to the above new features, there are several customer-related fixes and enhancements available in PowerBroker for Windows version 7.2. For a full list or to download the latest version, customers can review the latest Release Notes available with their portal login.