New Feature Highlights - PowerBroker for Windows 7.1

RADIUS Support for User Messages

As companies look for additional mechanisms to improve security in their organizations, many utilize multi-factor authentication. PowerBroker for Windows customers have requested that this functionality be included within the product, so with version 7.1 User Messages now support one-time-passwords (OTPs) for additional verification that the executing user is the intended recipient of the policy. This feature will support any multi-factor vendor that also supports the RADIUS protocol. For a representation of this new capability, please see the screenshot below.

BeyondInsight Asset Based Authentication

PowerBroker for Windows, in combination with PowerBroker Password Safe, can execute an application using Password Safe managed credentials. This native product integration enables an application to be launched as an alternate user without exposing the password for the account. In some environments, however, the launch of an application could take 60 seconds or more, so there is now an option to streamline this by utilizing PowerBroker for Windows as the primary authoritative authentication source as to whether the rule should be allowed. This enhancement further simplifies privileged access management. Note: This enhancement requires BeyondInsight v6.0 or higher.

Touch Screen Keyboard Support

More and more, users are going mobile and utilizing their phones or tablets to conduct important business. When using PowerBroker for Windows User Messages on a device without an attached keyboard, users had not able to enter data to satisfy what the message required. In version 7.1, there is now an enhancement on these devices/tablets to automatically display the virtual keyboard when a physical one cannot be detected. This enhancement enables greater flexibility to meet growing mobile usage demand.

Updated Connectors to SIEM Tools

With the release of BeyondInsight 6.0, PowerBroker for Windows data connectors to SIEM tools like LogRhythm and Splunk have been enhanced to better associate users and related events, (for example, where UserX attempted to run AppY on ComputerZ and this action was denied). You can find these connectors under the configuration option. Please see the screenshot below for a representation of this new capability.

Customer-requested Enhancements

In addition to the above new features, there were several customer-related fixes and enhancements available in PowerBroker for Windows v7.1. For a full list or to download the latest version, customers can review the latest Release Notes available in their portal login.