PowerBroker for Windows New Feature Highlights

Privilege Elevation Mode

PowerBroker for Windows is designed to fit into current and ever-changing security landscapes. At times, given the nature of these solutions or when two or more products are performing similar tasks, issues may arise. To help alleviate this, PowerBroker for Windows v7.0.2 includes a new Privilege Elevation Mode setting that adjusts the mechanism used to load PowerBroker for Windows dynamic link libraries (DLLs) into launched processes.

Updated Signing Certificate

As part of a continuing effort to maintain the security of the product and as additional certifications are being established, PowerBroker for Windows files have been updated from a SHA1 to a SHA256 Code Signing Certificate. Functionality of the software remains the same, but look out for more information regarding this in a future release.

Item-Level Targeting for Local Security Groups

PowerBroker for Windows allows for over 20 filtering criteria to specify when and for whom policies should apply. These filters are used to align with corporate security as well as IAM policies. While targeting policy based on the security group(s) a user or computer was part of has always been an option, targeting local security groups presented a challenge; local security groups, while having the same name, had different SIDs. This made it difficult to match a users’ local group membership across different computers. With PowerBroker for Windows v7.0.2 this has been addressed.

User Message Drop-down Support

With PowerBroker for Windows v7.0.2 administrators can now specify a list of justifications when prompting a user to enter information why an application/installer needs to be elevated or have an exception created for a deny. This will help simplify the end-user experience as well as assist in more accurate reporting when reviewing user behavior.

Customer-requested Enhancements

In addition to the above new features, there are almost 30 other customer-related fixes and enhancements available in PowerBroker for Windows v7.0.2. For a full list or to download the latest version, customers can review the latest Release Notes available in their portal login.