New Feature Highlights

Advanced GPO Auditing for PowerBroker Identity Services and PowerBroker for Windows Customers Maximizes the Value of Auditing Investments

Customers of PowerBroker Identity Services have long benefited from the built-in auditing capability provided by PowerBroker Auditor for Active Directory – specifically, for Unix attributes like UID, GID, login shell, gecos, and home directory. With the release of PowerBroker Management Suite version 4.1, that level of auditing has been enhanced to now also include auditing of GPO settings. As before, this capability is provided to PowerBroker Identity Services Enterprise customers at no additional charge. New in version 4.1, PowerBroker Management Suite now audits GPO settings for PowerBroker for Windows customers as well. Customers driving least privilege updates via Group Policy will gain immediate visibility over all changes made to GPO setting at no additional cost. Each of these use cases demonstrates the value of integrating products to provide greater visibility to reduce risk, and maximize the value of existing auditing investments.

Support for Agents Running as Local System Securely Streamlines Auditing

Performing audits often require the use of a credentialed service account. This requirement can quickly become cumbersome for administrators as the number of audited systems increases. With version 4.1, PowerBroker Management Suite solves this problem by leveraging the local system account to run an audit. Both the management server and agents can be deployed in this manner. Having this capability means that administrators no longer need to manage other credentials to perform and audit, ensuring security and speeding audit results.