New Feature Highlights - PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite 5.7

Creating Alerts from Defined Audit Views Simplifies Actions

Without an automated solution in place, duplicative tasks and manual work in the creation of audits and alerts can be error prone and lead to lost productivity or – worse – missed data. PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite version 5.7 seeks to further eliminate manual work by enabling administrators who define audit views to simply right-click and automatically create an alert based on the defined audit view. By removing potentially repetitive tasks in the copying of settings from a search to an alert (and from an alert back to a search, too), this enhancement helps to ensure speedy, accurate audit data and actions. For a representation of this enhancement, please see the screenshot below.

Adding Visibility into Administrator Password Change and Reset Events Provides a More Complete Audit Trail

In many organizations, for security and compliance purposes, a standard user’s password change should be treated differently than when an administrator changes a user’s password. Without the visibility into who initiated the password change, it is much more difficult to achieve a complete audit trail. PowerBroker Auditor 5.7 overcomes this challenge. When a user performs a password change, or an administrator resets a user’s password, PowerBroker Auditor generates a unique event for each action. This capability provides a much more complete and accurate audit trail into who made the change by building a search for when a user password was reset by the end user, or when performed by a privileged user. For a representation of this capability, please see the screenshot below.

Additional Enhancements

PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite version 5.7 includes multiple additional enhancements, including:
  • Email Template Editor Enables Customization of Alerts: PowerBroker now adds to the console the power to modify the HTML source code for email alert templates, adding further flexibility to alerting. For a representation of this new capability, please see the screenshot below.
  • Web Console Enhancements Improve Flexibility: From the web console customers can now install, remove, and upgrade agents, in addition to starting and stopping their services. This option adds more flexibility for customers utilizing the web service.
  • Filtering Enhancements for Alerts and Searches: New positive/negative filtering enables content to be filtered for events that match or do not match specific criteria.
  • Manual Agent Install Options Add Deployment Flexibility: For customers using software deployment tools, new command line options in PowerBroker Auditor provide greater flexibility for those that need to use a deployment method outside of the one provided with the product.
  • SQL TLS 1.2 Support: With PowerBroker Auditing & Security Suite 5.7, all remote agents can now talk to a SQL Server database configured to only accept TLS 1.2 connections.