BeyondInsight version v5.6 extends the platform’s ability to provide a holistic view of risk with new connectors for analyzing firewall data and assessing vulnerabilities in cloud environments. The new version also enables users to proactively take informed action against attacks via new alerting capabilities in the Clarity Threat Analytics module. In addition, the BeyondInsight interface has been updated to support the forthcoming PowerBroker for Mac, an industry-first least-privilege solution for OS X endpoints. Summary of new and enhanced features:
  • Technology preview: PowerBroker® for Mac least-privilege solution for OS X endpoints.
  • Real-time alerts to potential in-progress attacks via Clarity Threat Analytics.
  • New connector for integrating Palo Alto Networks firewall data into Clarity Threat Analytics.
  • New cloud connector support for Amazon AWS small and micro instances.
  • Several user interface and reporting enhancements.
  • Active Directory Federated Services (ADFS) login support.