New Feature Highlights - BeyondInsight 6.2

Certified Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) Connectors

Having certified integrations for forwarding critical events to third party security solutions marks a critical step in escalating user and asset security in much the same way network management and automated help desk solutions perform these functions in a traditional IT infrastructure. Adding real-time user, asset and vulnerability intelligence to SIEM solutions arms organizations with superior targeted attack and breach detection, as well as broader compliance visibility. BeyondInsight 6.2 has the following new certified connectors, for sharing privilege and vulnerability data with leading SIEM solutions:

  • NetIQ Sentinel: Forward BeyondInsight event data to NetIQ Sentinel SIEM in Log Extended Event Format (LEEF).
  • Exabeam: Forward BeyondInsight analytics data to Exabeam SIEM in Common Event Format (CEF).

BeyondInsight Enhancements for PowerBroker for Windows

Updated Event Grid With BeyondInsight organizations can audit the behavior of their users as well as BeyondTrust software including PowerBroker for Windows. To assist with this, the PowerBroker for Windows event grid, in BeyondInsight, now includes both the rule and policy names when tracking when a rule is applied. This can be seen in the ‘All’ events view, below. In addition, improvements have been made to automatic rule creation, from BeyondInsight, to ensure required privileges are included in the rule. These enhancements ensure consistency between auditing methods.

[caption id="attachment_19905" align="alignnone" width="828"]ss-bi-6-2-analytics-uiDisplay of the PBW All Events grid with Rule Name and Policy Name columns now displayed[/caption]

Enhanced HTML 5 User Interface

With BeyondInsight 6.2, BeyondInsight Analytics and Reporting move one step closer towards a complete HTML5 user interface, that’s both richer and easier to use. With just a handful of Silverlight components remaining (Threat Analyzers, Heat Maps, PBW Event Analysis and Pivot Grid), BeyondInsight joins PowerBroker Password Safe and PowerBroker Management Suite with a next-generation user interface that scales from tablets to desktops. The upgraded UI has a totally new layout enabling users to more easily navigate BeyondInsight’s deep threat analytics and reporting capabilities. In addition to the ease of use benefits, this new interface incorporates inverse and grayscale color palettes to support illumination in any environment. Further, BeyondInsight 6.2 now supports filtering report subscriptions by status, more login methods including smart card, 2-factor, and claims-aware, and a single login for analytics and reporting and Clarity, allowing you to easy switch between them, without having to re-login.

[caption id="attachment_19906" align="alignnone" width="500"]ss-bi-6-2-pbw-enhancementsBeyondInsight analytics and reporting user interface[/caption]