The Annual Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report

Microsoft Vulnerability Report 2019

The 2019 Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report compiles every Microsoft security bulletin from the past 12 months, analyzes the trends, and includes viewpoints from security experts. We analyze vulnerabilities in:

  • Windows - 499 vulnerabilies reported across Windows OS versions
  • Windows Server - 78% increase in vulnerabilities since 2013
  • Internet Explorer & Edge - 137 critical vulnerabilites
  • Microsoft Office - 100% of critical vulnerabilities are fixed by removing admin rights
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Least privileged access continues to be the way forward - we know with certainty that the removal of admin rights is one of the leading mitigating factors in keeping our networks and systems safe in the face of accelerating vulnerability disclosures.

Kenneth Holley, Founder & CEO at Information Systems Integration

Enforcing Least Privilege and Removing Admin Rights Eliminates 81% of Microsoft Vulnerabilities ...

... So Why Don't More Businesses Enforce Least Privilege?

This annual report finds that of the 189 Critical vulnerabilities reported in 2019, 81% would be mitigated by removing local admin rights from users. That's a compelling case for enforcing least privilege.

So why are so many organizations hesitant to implement a full scale least privilege policy and remove local admin rights from users?

The tension between security and productivity is often the barrier that prevents organizations from removing local admin rights from all users.

To address this challenge, BeyondTrust has developed privilege management solutions can be deployed to dynamically exert granular control over access to applications, tasks, and scripts in a way that makes this balance seamless and the security invisible to the end user.

Elevate access for applications without elevating the user’s actual privileges. This ensures that users are productive and protected.

Remove Local Admin Rights and Eliminate 81% of Microsoft Vulnerabilities

BeyondTrust Privilege Management for Microsoft desktops and servers lets you eliminate admin rights and enforce least privilege without hurting productivity.