BeyondTrust is a global cyber security company headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. Originally founded in 1985 as Symark, an identity and access management vendor specializing in UNIX solutions, in 2009 it acquired another software company specializing in Windows IAM solutions and adopted its name. In its current form, BeyondTrust is a privately held company with 250 employees and over 4000 customers worldwide.

Since 2009, the company has made several strategic acquisitions, including eEye Digital Security and Blackbird Group. This has allowed them to expand their portfolio and consolidate their products into an integrated risk intelligence suite, the BeyondInsight IT Risk Management Platform. By combining two major components: PowerBroker, a Privileged Account Management suite, and Retina, a set of Vulnerability Management products, BeyondTrust is able to combine privileged access intelligence with information about endpoint and web application vulnerabilities, thus providing consolidated risk overview for both corporate users and assets, including on-premise, mobile and cloud resources.

With the ongoing trend of deperimeterization of corporate networks and increasing scale and sophistication of advanced persistent threats, the focus of protecting sensitive corporate information has gradually shifted towards discovery and mitigation of insider threats, as privileged accounts are currently the primary target for attacks. Reliable and comprehensive tools for managing and monitoring privileged activities have become a mandatory component for every security infrastructure.

BeyondTrust’s approach here is somewhat unorthodox: under the PowerBroker name, they are offering a whole family of products addressing various aspects of Privilege Management for different target platforms. This approach has certain advantages, notable in great flexibility for customers to build tailored solutions for their specific requirements, as well as in ensuring that each component is optimized for functionality and performance to the fullest. However, it is not possible to achieve the same level of integration that solutions that are more monolithic can provide.

This paper focuses on the PowerBroker Auditor product line that includes auditing tools for desktop and server products from Microsoft. These tools have been incorporated into the company’s portfolio from the Blackbird Group acquisition in 2012 and they complement BeyondTrust’s own auditing tools for Unix and Linux systems very well. Unfortunately, though, they are still not completely integrated with the BeyondInsight management console.

Last year, KuppingerCole included PowerBroker suite in our Leadership Compass on Privilege Management, and the solution was rated highly, stopping just short of reaching a leader position. Since that time, BeyondTrust has released updated versions of their products, addressing some of the concerns expressed in our report by improving their Password Safe, adding more 3rd party integrations and providing new deployment methods. However, PowerBroker Auditor products are yet to be integrated into the management console – this is planned for the next release.

Still, being a veteran player in the PxM market with a comprehensive and flexible product portfolio, BeyondTrust is a vendor you can rely on, and their PowerBroker Auditor product line is a formidable set of tools, both as a standalone solution or as a part of an integrated platform.