When applying the granularity of privileged access management (PAM), zero trust can ensure all access is managed and documented for appropriate behavior. Today, this is a particularly important challenge to solve as so many IT administrators—like many other employees—are working from home networks and connecting via Wi-Fi. This environment presents heightened risks to highly sensitive Unix & Linux resources being connected to and remotely administered.

This white paper:

  • Defines zero trust
  • Dissects the security implications of Unix/Linux administration from home networks
  • Presents the zero trust model developed by NIST
  • Discusses the practical implementation steps of zero trust on Unix & Linux systems
  • Highlights how BeyondTrust enables organizations to achieve zero trust on Unix & Linux systems

Support Remote Work Securely

BeyondTrust's Secure Remote Access solutions enable your employees, support staff, and third-party vendors to work remotely without compromising security.