From small businesses to enterprises, the security of information, applications, and assets is a paramount concern. Innumerable attack strategies can steal or deny services. Securing the infrastructure against inappropriate use cannot only obstruct IT operations, but also reduce productivity for users if they are unable to access accounts needed to perform their jobs. Guarding against inappropriate access and enabling operational effectiveness while ensuring compliance is a difficult balancing act wit hout appropriate tools.

The Verizon 2013 Data Breach report notes that if single-factor passwords were eliminated, nearly 80% of attempted hacks would need to “adapt or die.” Password theft and loose password protocols leave companies vulnerable to insider attacks or to external attacks that leverage insider credentials.

However, passwords remain the most ubiquitous way to gain access, requiring password management that is versatile, nimble, and secure. For operational efficiency, password processes should be highly automated so IT departments can focus on keeping networks and applications online securely and continuously.


BeyondInsight Console

BeyondTrust PowerBroker Password Safe now integrates with the vendor’s advanced risk management platform, BeyondInsight. As one module within BeyondTrust’s Privileged Account Management solutions, PowerBroker Password Safe focuses on internal risk – managing, securing and auditing of privileged accounts to enable access required to perform jobs safely while meeting compliance requirements, and without obstructing the productivity of IT or business users. Password Safe customers can also gain visibility over the risk associated with managed assets through the single console. The optional Vulnerability Management module focuses on external risks, proactively identifying exposures, analyzing business impact, and optimizing remediation plans. The power of the BeyondTrust approach is the combination available in BeyondInsight, providing the vulnerability and threat context while managing passwords controlled by Powerbroker Password Safe.

Alerting in today’s security-conscious IT environments typically creates an overabundance of data and alerts, as was also highlighted in the Verizon data breach report. Having too much data without context is not effective in identifying vulnerabilities or breaches. BeyondInsight solves this problem by providing the ability to view, sort and filter historical data for both privileged access and vulnerabilities. Analytics and reports for compliance, benchmarks, and a variety of what-if scenarios can be created for any set of hardware, devices or server groups managed by PowerBroker Password Safe.