Federal agencies from the NSA to the IRS are being compromised by cyber criminals at an alarming rate. BeyondTrust surveyed over 100 Federal IT and security professionals to zero in on the reasons and to better understand federal IT worker experiences in securing their information systems and achieving compliance with federal cybersecurity mandates. The responses highlighted aging infrastructure and legacy IT systems as a rampant issue, creating elevated security risk within Federal IT systems (81% of respondents). Additionally, aging infrastructure is cited as a roadblock to achieving cyber security compliance (61%) as well as to the agency’s ability to achieve its mission (73%). The Federal Cyber-Security Threat Survey Report answers more questions, including:

  • What worries Federal IT Managers?
  • What kind of risk does legacy Federal IT pose to security?
  • What are Federal IT professionals doing to combat cyber risk?
  • How can agencies effectively address these risks while on the slow march to modernization?