Mobilize Your Security Village

Cyber security statistics in 2016 paint a bleak picture. Unpatched vulnerabilities proliferate. Attackers weaponize new exploits 3x faster than just a few years back. The attack surface continues to expand as shadow IT abounds, and non-traditional platforms, like cloud/virtual, mobile, and IoT, are becoming pervasive. Sophisticated new attack vectors (e.g., overlay malware) crop up all the time. Breaches continue to rise.

The good news is, organizations already have most of the tools to successfully beat back the unceasing tide of hackers, botnets, and roving malware. However, to effectively orchestrate your defense, it’s clear that you need to think like the attackers. And, that’s what our white paper, Change the Game in Vulnerability Management: Mobilize Your Security Village, is about.

Steal a page from the attacker’s playbook (teaser: information sharing)—to thwart cyber adversaries. Read this white paper for actionable insights into how to:

  • Prioritize known vulnerabilities
  • Shorten remediation times
  • Increase emerging threat visibility
  • Mobilize and automate your “security villages” (yes, you have one) to maximize security investments

While you don’t have to be in the market for a new solution to apply these tips to improve your own vulnerability management, the paper also explores how BeyondTrust’s IT Risk Management Platform enables you to marshal disparate threat and vulnerability intelligence resources and orchestrate them into an active defense.

Download this white paper now, and discover how to connect your security dots, to change the game for vulnerability management.