Organizations migrating physical server infrastructure to virtual platforms often find that virtual hosts and guests can present new security risks and compliance violations. Without proper security policies and tools, these risks can outweigh the cost reduction and efficiency benefits offered by virtualization strategies.

Without sufficient workflow protocol, consolidating multiple resources with different privileged access levels onto a single physical server could compromise the separation of duties for network and security controls and circumvent security policies.

BeyondTrust security solutions enable your organization to adopt best practices for virtual platform security while addressing key mandates outlined by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

The BeyondInsight™ IT Risk Management Platform

BeyondInsight is an IT Risk Management platform that provides unified management and reporting for BeyondTrust’s Retina Vulnerability Management and PowerBroker Privileged Account Management solutions. With BeyondInsight, IT and Security teams have a single, contextual lens through which to view user and asset risk. This clear, consolidated risk profile enables proactive, joint decision-making while ensuring that daily operations are guided by common goals for risk reduction.

BeyondInsight adds significant value to Retina and PowerBroker via platform capabilities including asset discovery and profiling; workflow and notification; and in-depth reporting and analytics. In addition offering centralized platform capabilities, BeyondInsight can be configured for any one or combination of the following BeyondTrust solutions*:

  • Retina Network Security Scanner
  • PowerBroker UNIX/Linux
  • PowerBroker for Windows
  • PowerBroker Password Safe