Take Back Control of Your Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a well-known, highly used, very reliable and powerful network operating system. Since the introduction of Active Directory by Microsoft in 2000, organizations around the world have implemented AD to be the standard for centralized management of the Windows infrastructure.

Since its introduction, we have seen revolutionary changes to Active Directory, which have made the management of all aspects of the environment easier and more reliable. However, there are still areas that are lacking within AD – specifically in the areas of tracking changes, privileged user auditing, and the ability to seamlessly rollback objects that are deleted from the AD infrastructure. These shortcomings can lead to damaging security breaches, business downtime, and loss of employee productivity if not properly addressed.

This white paper explores the most significant privileged user auditing and recovery gaps in AD, and provides best practices guidance on addressing those gaps.

  • Administrators will benefit from reading this paper by learning how to use solutions to quickly and simply gather and correlate change data while leveraging familiar, native tools.
  • Security and Compliance Officers will benefit from reading this paper by learning strategies for simplifying identity management and entitlement challenges for the enterprise.
  • Business leaders will benefit from reading this paper by learning strategies to keep corporate data safe, assess and prioritize risk levels, and quickly report on non-compliance to auditors and the board.