Addressing the United States CIO Office’s Cybersecurity Sprint Directives

Whether the goal is to compromise sensitive government data, steal personally identifiable information (PII) or disrupt normal operations, the increasing sophistication of attacks is making it more difficult to safeguard the Federal government’s cyber critical infrastructure.

These large-scale information breaches, like the recent Office of Personnel Management attack, often begin with an attacker exploiting a single external vulnerability on a low-level system or through contractor credentials, and then capitalizing on privileges to gain access to critical systems and data.

BeyondTrust delivers a single, integrated solution that directly addresses the directives established by Federal CIO Tony Scott in the 30-day Cybersecurity Sprint. Our integrated suite of software solutions can help reduce user-based risk and protect against threats to sensitive information.

Privileged account protection and threat detection is at the center of many of these requirements due to their powerful role in providing access to critical cyber infrastructure and sensitive information. Read below to learn how BeyondTrust solutions apply to the directives and how we can help you secure your agency’s sensitive information.

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