NIST SP 800-53 outlines a “Build It Right” strategy combined with various security controls for continuous monitoring striving to provide senior leaders of organizations information to support better risk-based decision-making related to their critical missions. This in-depth guide supports a comprehensive approach to information security and risk management by providing organizations with a broad set of security controls essential to strengthening their IT systems and the environments in which they operate. Download this guide for:

  • An overview of NIST 800-53 and the requirements
  • An overview of how Privileged Access Management (PAM) can reduce risk
  • A table demonstrating how BeyondTrust PAM and VM solutions map to NIST 800-53 controls
  • A detailed matrix showing how BeyondTrust capabilities map to specific NIST control families

Download this guide now to get on the path to bolstering your privilege and vulnerability management security, while better aligning your compliance with NIST SP800-53.

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