A Technical Guide to Achieving Unix/Linux Compliance without Restricting Administrators

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Are you achieving Unix & Linux compliance without restricting administrators?

A security or compliance audit can be a valuable ally in identifying vulnerabilities in your Unix/Linux systems. However, since organizations must address the requirements of multiple compliance regulations at the same time, many in IT would prefer to secure their Unix/Linux systems before an audit to save the inherent time, costs, and distraction involved while the audits are actually happening.

While some organizations feel that securing Unix and Linux systems is a minor consideration, Fortune 500 and Global 2000 managers know their organization’s most sensitive data (especially financial data and intellectual property) resides on Unix systems, and Linux has evolved from being the plaything of hobbyists to an enterprise mainstay. As Unix and Linux systems become more prevalent in organizations, the need to secure them grows more urgent.

Fortunately, there are solutions available that enable security best practices for Unix & Linux systems, such as segregation of duties, individual accountability, and least-privilege access. Applying these best practices, which are called out in various regulatory mandates, also simplifies the path to compliance.

Download this technical brief and achieve Unix & Linux compliance without restricting administrators.