IT Staff Use Cases for Controlling and Auditing Unix and Linux Privileged Access

About this White Paper

An Integrated Approach to Deploying Privilege Management in Your Organization AND Enabling IT Productivity

Unix and Linux privileged user credentials, such as for System Administrators, Database Administrators, Application Administrators, Developers, and others are increasingly targeted by attackers. But what’s the optimal way to protect and audit each of your different Unix/Linux privileged accounts, while still enabling users to seamlessly do their jobs? In this paper, we explore the unique use cases and risks for various Unix/Linux Admin roles, and discuss best-practice approaches to help you manage privileged access and privileged passwords for each.

You will learn:

  • The specific security risks associated with different types of Unix/Linux privileged accounts
  • How to manage risk by applying the right controls around privileged access and credentials for various privilege user roles and use cases
  • The benefits of taking an integrated approach to addressing privileged access management
  • A checklist of server privilege management capabilities you can satisfy with BeyondTrust solutions

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