Simplifying Unix and Linux Security

A Strategy Guide for Implementing Server Privilege Management

In 2017, privileged accounts and credentials are in the crosshairs. In fact, according to Forrester Research, privileged credentials are now implicated in 80% of security breaches.


Privileged accounts wield incredible power and are often sprawled across organizations. Once an attacker gains root, it’s game over. If your team relies on sudo and ad-hoc tools to manage privileges, you’re likely spending a ton of time and energy battling complexity – and with complexity comes risk.

There are easier ways to protect root accounts, enforce least privilege, and ensure compliance. Discover how by reading “Simplifying Unix & Linux Security” today.

This 10-page strategy guide covers all the basics, including:

  • An intro to Unix and Linux privilege management
  • Shortcomings of sudo and other ad hoc tools for managing server privileged access
  • Must-have capabilities to seek in a holistic, purpose-built server privilege management platform.
  • Tips on how to test/assess tools to ensure they will meet your needs

Download this white paper and learn how to simplify Unix & Linux security.