Secure DevOps: Secrets Management and Beyond

About this White Paper

8-Step Best Practices Guide for Using Privileged Access Management and Vulnerability Management to Secure DevOps

DevOps practices mean condensed development timelines and faster time-to-market. However, too often, security is at best an ill-fit for DevOps, and at worst, a mere afterthought.

How do you address full lifecycle DevOps security, without disrupting workflows and hampering productivity? Read this 8-step guide to gain insight into what a holistic DevOps security program looks like, including:


  • Discovering, scanning, and reporting on containers, instances, and vulnerabilities across on-prem and cloud-based environments to reduce attack surfaces
  • Eliminating shared secrets and hard-coded credentials and replacing them with an automated process that doesn’t disrupt productivity
  • Reducing privileges on dev, test, and production machines and servers to restrict lateral movement for would-be attackers

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