KuppingerCole Executive View: PowerBroker Privileged Access Management

Get the inside story on BeyondTrust PowerBroker solutions

This executive report focuses on the PowerBroker product line that includes privilege management solutions for Enterprise Password Management, Endpoint Least Privilege, and Server Privilege Management. The paper reviews the PowerBroker products, as well as strengths and challenges of the BeyondTrust portfolio.

“The PowerBroker product family offers a simple and straightforward deployment approach for the central components such as the Password Safe and host-based Server and Endpoint components, making it easier for customers who include deployment timelines in their requirements. This integrates main components of the product, including the safe, the policy manager, web access technology, and password synchronization manager on a single, hardened appliance (physical or virtual) with centralized configuration and management through their BeyondTrust Platform console, the latter also being fully integrated with the host-based components.”  – KuppingerCole

What does KuppingerCole say about PowerBroker solutions? Read the report to find out.

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