KuppingerCole Executive View: PowerBroker for Unix & Linux

About this White Paper

Read the report to learn how PowerBroker:

  • Protects privileged accounts, such as root, from insider and external exploits
  • Ensures privileged credentials on Unix & Linux systems are secured and rotated
  • Enforces least privilege across Unix & Linux systems
  • Monitors and audits privileged account usage (via privilege session monitoring, etc.)
  • Fits seamlessly within BeyondTrust’s PowerBroker PAM platform, which provides comprehensive privilege management across Linux, Unix, Windows, and Mac systems

Want to move beyond sudo or another server privilege management tool? Hear from KuppingerCole on what a modern, mature, feature-rich privilege management solution looks like, and how it can help protect your most critical systems from today’s most sophisticated internal/external threats.