KuppingerCole Executive View: BeyondTrust PowerBroker Auditor Suite

Get the inside story on BeyondTrust Auditing and Protection solutions

This executive report focuses on the PowerBroker Auditor product line that includes auditing tools for desktop and server products from Microsoft. These auditor tools complement the auditing tools in PowerBroker for Unix & Linux very well. The paper reviews the auditor products, as well as strengths and challenges of the BeyondTrust portfolio.

“Still, being a veteran player in the PxM market with a comprehensive and flexible product portfolio, BeyondTrust is a vendor you can rely on, and their PowerBroker Auditor product line is a formidable set of tools, both as a standalone solution for Microsoft-centric companies and as a part of an integrated platform for heterogeneous environments.” 

What does KuppingerCole say about the PowerBroker Auditor Suite? Read the report to find out.

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