IIoT Security: Managing Identities and Privileges

Rob Black, CISSP, Founder and Managing Principal of Fractional CISO

About this White Paper

8-Step Best Practices Guide for Using Privileged Access Management and Vulnerability Management to Secure IIoT/IoT

IoT has gone mainstream in enterprises. Unfortunately, inadequately managed IoT environments pose a growing threat. Mirai and other botnets, which caused widespread disruption and brought some businesses to a standstill, are just the tip of what can result from IoT security lapses. Breaches to medical devices and industrial IoT (IIoT) could inflict even more catastrophic outcomes.

How can organizations adopt IoT / IIoT devices to take advantage of new opportunities, without jeopardizing enterprise security?

Our eight-step best-practices guide, authored by cybersecurity expert and CISSP Rob Black, lays out the foundation for a holistic IoT security program. Learn how to:

  • Discover, scan, and report on devices and vulnerabilities to reduce IoT / IIoT cyber risk
  • Eliminate shared accounts and hard-coded credentials and replace them with an automated process that doesn’t disrupt productivity
  • Reduce privileges on end-user machines and devices to restrict lateral movement for would-be attackers

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Rob Black, CISSP, Founder and Managing Principal of Fractional CISO

Rob Black, CISSP is the Founder and Managing Principal of Fractional CISO where he helps organizations improve their cybersecurity posture. Rob has extensive experience in cyber security, anti-fraud, Internet of Things (IoT), web services and cloud solutions. He has held product security and corporate security leadership positions at PTC ThingWorx, Axeda and RSA Security. Rob received his MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and holds two Bachelor of Science degrees from Washington University in St. Louis in Computer Science and System Science and Engineering. He is also a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). Rob is the inventor of three security patents. He regularly speaks at conferences and blogs about IoT security.