7 Steps of a Cyber Attack and What You Can do to Protect Your Windows Privileged Accounts

About this White Paper

Windows privileged accounts are routinely exploited, resulting in data breaches and damaged networks / systems, while also frequently leaving organizations susceptible to future exploits. Regardless of how an attacker compromises your network, once on the inside, the modus operandi is almost invariably to seek out privileged accounts and escalate privileged access. So, what can you do to improve your defenses? Download this white paper to learn:
  • The various threats to Windows privileged accounts
  • The phases of a cyber-attack
  • How to defend against an attack each step of the way
  • How to improve your Windows privileged access management strategy
With the ubiquity of Microsoft products (MS Office, Azure, etc.), protecting your privileged Windows accounts should be a security priority. Download this white paper now to get on the path to improving your Windows privileged account security.