2018 Implications of Using Privileged Access Management to Enable Next-Generation Technology Survey

About this White Paper

Are Your Security Practices Ready for DevOps, Cloud, & IoT?

In this year’s edition of BeyondTrust’s annual research report on privileged access management (PAM) practices, we collected data from more than 600 senior IT and security professionals from across the globe. This year’s findings tell us that, while organizations are overwhelmingly adopting the cloud, IoT, and DevOps to improve operational efficiencies, achieve greater business agility, and improve cost savings, 78% of respondents cite security as the most significant impediment.

Some high-level data points from the report:

  • DevOps is now mainstream, with 65% of respondents actively employing DevOps practices—IoT and AI are close behind.
  • 1 in 5 respondents report more than five breaches in the last 24 months related to next-generation technologies—and they resulted in real business damage!
  • 52% of organizations report that when breaches happen as a result of next-generation technologies such as IoT or the cloud, it’s due to users having excessive privileges.

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