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A Practical Guide to Getting Control Over Accounts

Elevated privileges for users, accounts, SSH keys, and assets can pose a serious threat to your data. But often, IT security teams have no way of knowing if their enterprise is at risk. In order to get complete control, you need complete visibility.

Once you’ve discovered all privileged accounts, what should you do next?

This on demand micro-webinar discusses strategies for getting full visibility into all privileged accounts, then managing them quickly and securely.

We will demonstrate how you can:

PowerBroker Privilege DART is a standalone executable that you set up and run in minutes, with no installation required. The tool is non-intrusive, will not affect performance on target systems, and keeps your privilege data completely private.

If you’ve downloaded PowerBroker Privilege DART (Discovery and Reporting Tool) for privilege discovery, or just want better visibility into your privileges, this will be an insightful webinar.

Photograph of Martin Cannard

Martin Cannard,

Martin has been helping organizations solve challenges in the privileged account management and identity and access management space for over 24 years. At Dell Software, Martin managed a team of Solution Architects, focused on designing and implementing solutions in the Privileged Account Management (PAM) space. Prior to joining Dell, Martin was Sr. Product Manager for Novell Privileged User Manager, a privilege management application acquired from Fortefi, an organization where he served as Vice President, Corporate Development. Prior to this, he was Program Manager of Client Technologies at Symantec where he was responsible for many ground-breaking field and channel enablement applications. Additionally, Martin managed the European QA group at Axent Technologies and has held various management positions in consulting, systems development, and operations. Martin is a regular speaker for security events, and webinars.