As finance organizations are striving to provide top-tier services to employees and customers, they have the immense responsibility to ensure the security and integrity of the organizations network, systems and data to defend against cyberattacks. Like many other organizations, privileged users such as insiders and third-party vendors need access to applications, devices and critical systems to perform their job tasks. Results from Bomgar’s 2018 Privileged Access Threat Report showed finance organizations to be the most trusting when it comes to privileged access for insiders and vendors, when this industry ironically has the most to lose financially. Despite knowing that cyberattacks are increasingly likely, many organizations are still leaving large parts of their IT security to trust, without the means to monitor or manage privileged access. Watch this webinar for insight into the critical role that privileged access solutions can file in the financial industry, why these organizations are a target and some tips for standing up today’s threats.

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