Watch this on demand webinar to will learn why you must adapt your approach to endpoint security. Anders Elbak, IDC Nordic Associate Director and Karl Lankford, RVP Solutions Engineering EMEIA, will give tangible advice on how to devise or progress a comprehensive endpoint security strategy, a crucial step for any organization wanting to build the digital trust necessary to underpin a digital first business.

Watch and Learn:

Photograph of Anders Elbak

Anders Elbak, Associated Director, Nordics

Today, Anders is responsible for the Nordic ”Enabling Technologies” program, which focuses on how companies transition the IT infrastructure to support innovative business solutions enabled by the 3rd platform technologies: cloud, mobility, social and Big Data. Additionally, it covers underlying datacenter trends and technologies, which enable the necessary agile infrastructure. Anders also spearheads IDCs Nordic end-user surveys and most industry specific analysis, and is part of the European Internet of Things practice.

Anders is one of the most quoted industry analysts in the Nordic countries and frequently appears in both the IT press and the business press. Moreover, he is a valued presenter at various events typically advocating for the transformation to the Third Platform and relating this to challenges in individual markets and new opportunities for end-users.

Anders holds a Master degree in Marketing and Economics from Copenhagen Business School.

Photograph of Karl Lankford

Karl Lankford, Regional Vice President, Solutions Engineering EMEIA

Karl Lankford is the Regional Vice President, Solutions Engineering EMEIA, for BeyondTrust, where he has worked for 7 years. A highly capable security leader, Karl has acquired a wide range of security experience and knowledge over the last decade, working across multiple industries. Karl is a regular speaker at industry conferences, delivering disruptive technical and strategic thought-leadership insight to the international cybersecurity community.

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