The Right Solution is More Critical Than Ever

Security teams that seek to meaningfully reduce their organization’s attack surface by better controlling privileged access in their environment are faced with an increasingly more complex and decentralized IT infrastructure. Any decision on which tool, or tools, are best fit to tackle this problem must be balanced by the ever-expanding scope and types of privileged accounts that need to be managed. Many organizations are quickly adopting and migrating their infrastructure to cloud providers such as Microsoft’s Azure, and while it is tempting to leverage low-cost toolsets provided by specific providers, in many cases this provides only incremental amounts of risk reduction without effectively solving the core problems of unmanaged privileged access.

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Photograph of Max Berg

Max Berg, Senior Solutions Engineer

As a Senior Solutions Engineer at BeyondTrust, Max works with organizations to achieve their security and compliance goals, while ensuring their businesses, as well as their end users and IT staff, remain flexible and productive. Since joining BeyondTrust (formerly Avecto) in 2015, Max has worked with large enterprise, public sector agencies, as well as small-medium businesses across North America and Europe, spanning the most highly technical and the most highly regulated industries and verticals. He has over 5 years’ experience delivering successful least privilege, application control, credential management, and secure remote access projects for both desktop and server environments, both for on-premises and cloud-based IT infrastructure.

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