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User access controls, also known as user permissions or user privileges, are crucial measures that we apply to implement authorization policies within the enterprise. However, organizations struggle to implement these controls across their dynamic IT landscape filled with humans, machines, and myriad types of endpoints. These deficiencies allow a bloated threat surface that is ripe for malware and hacking attacks.

Another huge and related challenge for IT is the constantly growing volume and diversity of passwords across networks, systems, and users. According to the 2020 Verizon DBIR, use of credentials by attackers has been on a “meteoric rise.” With credentials—especially privileged credentials—attackers often don’t need to even bother themselves with deploying sophisticated malware, since they already have the access. Password reuse is just one of many rampant password security malpractices that is symptomatic of overwhelmed users as well as IT organizations that lack the proper password management tools and policies. When passwords are reused across multiple systems, cracking one account can lead to compromise of many systems and accounts.

In this intensive webinar session with CEO of CQURE and Security MVP, Paula Januszkiewicz, learn:

Photograph of Paula Januszkiewicz

Paula Januszkiewicz, Hacker, Enterprise Security MVP, Cybersecurity Expert

Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO CQURE, penetration tester and mentor of CQURE Academy. Paula is also an Enterprise Security MVP and trainer (MCT) and Microsoft Security Trusted Advisor. She is also a top speaker at many well-known conferences including TechEd North America, TechEd Europe, TechEd Middle East, RSA, TechDays, CyberCrime, etc., and is often rated as number-one speaker.

Paula is engaged as a keynote speaker for security related events and she writes articles on Windows Security. Her company CQURE has now 3 locations New York, Dubai and Warsaw. Paula has conducted hundreds of IT security audits and penetration tests, including those for governmental organizations, she is a renowned security consultant. Her distinct specialization is related to Microsoft security solutions in which she holds multiple Microsoft certifications, besides being familiar with and possessing certifications in other related technologies and operating systems. Paula is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others.

In private, she enjoys researching new technologies, which she converts to authored trainings. She wrote a book about Threat Management Gateway 2010, and is working on her next book. She has access to a source code of Windows! Every year she makes over 200 flights (2013 - 248) to gain more and more experience, provides penetration tests and consults Customers about how to secure their infrastructures. Her favorite saying is: "I have a tool for that!"

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Jason Silva, Sr. Solutions Engineer, BeyondTrust

Jason Silva brings over 25 years of solutions and management experience to the industry. Currently serving as Senior Solutions Engineer for BeyondTrusts' Universal Privilege Management Platform, he uses this knowledge to help customers realize the value of our solutions throughout the product lifecycle. Earlier in his career, he found success as a software developer in a global consulting company and spent over four years managing IT and Regulatory Compliance in the banking industry.

Specialties: Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Group Policy, Pre and Post Sales Training, Sales Engineering, Enterprise Security Tools, Privileged Access Management